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Connect with me!

I'm beautiful, gentle and kind... like a dear friend whom you've known for a very long time. I'm easy to talk to and my voice is soft and soothing. You'll find me to be very friendly and down to earth. Embodying the Goddess, I am warm, loving and nurturing. I embrace all of life as Divine. Weaving rapture, bliss and ecstasy.

I am formally trained in the sensual secrets of the East and the sensual body. Having successfully traversed the Tantric path of pleasure known only to a privileged few, I can now masterfully provide you with Eastern healing methods and techniques that will gently awaken your erotic energy to ever expanding states of ecstasy!

I offer you longer and fuller sessions to allow this mystical process to unfold so you can experience the heights of pleasure and a much deeper state of relaxation.

I hope to hear from you soon!   Ai



Phone: 310.490.7055

Email: ai@lifeki.com

Also visit my website: www.lifeki.com