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I invite you to explore the world of possibilities I have to offer you in regard to your sensual transformation. Experience greater awareness of your inner and outer body within the Art of Tantra. Let go and open to Ecstatic Bliss as we journey into the Sacred and the Erotic, blurring those boundaries.

Together we will explore and amalgamation of Kundalini Yoga, deeply nourishing and sensual bodywork, ayervedic bath ceremony, verbal eroticism and light fantasy exploration.


  • Enhance awareness and sensitivity
  • Overcome shyness and inhibitions
  • Overcome issues with premature ejaculation
  • Address issues with ED
  • Increase and build sexual stamina
  • Address prostate therapy and overall health
  • Relax and Have Fun!

My specialty is in helping you to build stronger more intimate and meaningful connections...sensual fusion of body, mind and spirit.

My Manhattan sanctuary is intimate and relaxing.

Advanced booking is appreciated, though not always required.

No Full Service.

Testimonials are available upon request.

Alexandria : (917)734-2356.  Email: Dakinifire9@yahoo.com

 Session rates:
  • 1.0 Hours -  300
  • 1.5 Hours -  450
  • 2.0 Hours -  600