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Please note: Should you desire to schedule an appointment,  please read this page in its entirety.

Q.: Where are you located?

A.: Our studio is located  in Manhattan, directly on Park Avenue South. About a five to ten minute walk from the Empire State Building.

Q.: What experience can I expect during my Tantric first session?

A.: After your arrival you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with your tantrica, taking time to chat and relax over a glass of wine (or whichever might be your pleasure). When you are comfortable, we begin the session, starting with the bath ceremony, which aside from it's more obvious allure, will allow you and your tantrica to become more familiar and at ease with one another. Following your bath,  you will begin the tantra massage. Each of these most sensual experiences is described in great detail elsewhere within our site.

Q.: Are there various types of sessions available?

A.: We welcome both male and female clients   as well as sessions for couples.

Q.: Donations to the goddess?

A.: Please see the "Donation Page" for a complete listing.

Q.: What information would I be asked to provide prior to making an appointment?

A.:  To share your first & last name.  A  telephone number (only as a gesture of good faith). Most importantly, to convey a bit about yourself...  such as a description of your physical being, where you are from and why this experience is of interest to you. While none of this information need be overly detailed or revealing it will greatly help your tantrica gain a better sense of how she may best help to meet your expectations.  Should you feel the need to be anonymous, it would not be possible to arrange an appointment.

Q.: I am very concerned about my privacy, will I encounter other visitors?

A.: You can be assured that you are the "only" visitor in our studio during your scheduled appointment. You will never encounter anyone other than  your tantrica (before, during or after your session).

Q.: Is this "full service"?

A.: Absolutely not. Certainly there is physical contact between the teacher and student, without such contact Tantra could not exist. However this contact is limited to those experiences defined within this website and should never be violated. Each session is different, as the teacher tunes into the students body and mind to find out what his (or her) needs are, which may often be quite different from the experience the student thinks he "must have". The tantrica is interested in working with only those who are willing to open their minds to new experiences and can rise above self limiting expectations of the past.

Q.: Do you ever visit clients?

A.: An important part of each session  is the sacred space we've created within our studio, and of course we cannot bring this space with us,  so your experience would not be perfect. We cannot offer you anything less than perfect.

Q.: How do I make an appointment?

A.: All appointments are arranged by email (always attaching your past  dialog). Please contact the tantrica of your choice directly, using the  email address on her Goddess page.

Q.: What if I prefer to make an appointment by telephone?

A.: It is often difficult, not to mention frustrating to connect on the phone. Email is much more efficient, and makes a misunderstanding  far less likely.

Q.: What happens if I must re-schedule or cancel my scheduled appointment?

A.: Knowing that life is at times unpredictable and that events beyond our control may happen, all we ask is for is your consideration and compassion.  Before making an appointment, please be absolutely sure that you intend to keep it. You may not realize it, but when you reserve a time, it will be the only session your tantrica will schedule on that day.

Q.: There is a question to which I haven't been able to find an answer... who do I ask?  I have a comment... who do I write to?

A.: Simply go to the: "Write to us" page and ask Genevieve.