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Kama Sutra  

Presenters have good credibility. It's like hearing from a good friend with experience, not talking to the doctor. Film quality is good also. The focus is on intimacy from different points of view. It's very tasteful, but shots get out of sequence, so don't try to follow along while watching. For couples who truly want to increase intimacy it's very helpful and worth watching.

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Loving Sex - Modern Kama Sutra Workshop Vol. 3 DVD & CD   From the Alexander Institute Loving Sex series, ranked Best by Men's Health Magazine. Discover an amazing array of sexual unions - or sexual positions - using the inspiration of both the ancient and our modern Kama Sutra. Try standing, kneeling, lying or sitting positions to bring out the passion in your sexual encounters. Watch four attractive real life couples as they explicitly experiment with different positions, different locations, and different times of day. Learn how to give and receive during lovemaking. Features optional Spanish, French and German audio and menus. -Ancient secrets of sexual union -Principal sexual positions -Positions named after animals -Advanced sexual positions -Modern sexual positions -Experimenting with time & space

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The Better Sex Video Series : Sexplorations 

Learn exciting new ways to rev up your sex life. Volume 2 features explicit scenes of expert lovers demonstrating powerful techniques sure to add heat and inspire passion. Watch as they explore the art of seduction, practice erotic dance, live out their sexual fantasies, including the seldom talked about and often misunderstood sexual power play. Plus, riveting demonstrations of male, female and mutual masturbation.

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Sex Essentials Videos: Erotic Sex Positions   As a sensational follow up to Seductive Sex Positions, Erotic Sex Positions offers all of the features of the first DVD installment with a racier edge. With its multi-mode operation, Erotic Sex Positions will expand your current cache of intimate favorites, as well as enhance any lovemaking experience with its sensual visuals.

Join hosts Crystal Lowe and Natasha Ray in the Instructional Mode for directions, tips and alternatives in 5 categories of sexual positions: Male Superior, Female Superior, Seated, Rear Entry, and, for the extra-playful, Advanced. Each intriguing category is introduced by a titillating foreplay Teaser, presenting 5 unique mood-setting seductive scenarios. What follows are 27 erotic positions that range from a twist on the classics to the slightly acrobatic and experimental, lustfully demonstrated by three naturally attractive couples.

Mastered the positions? Switch to Lovemaking Mode and accent your intimate encounters with tantalizing visuals while the rhythmic mood music serves as the ultimate soundtrack to your evening. Or, let loose and follow along with Random Mode for some unpredictable erotic fun. With tempting Extras such as 2 bonus positions, host profiles, and two seductive photo galleries, this video will be a lasting addition to your library of sensual DVDs.

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