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Female Masturbation : Volume I  Experience sexual pleasure anytime through the art of masturbation. Enjoying every stroke while masturbating, a woman of the Welcomed Consensus slowly builds an orgasm in her body that increases in sensation over time, building to a place of vivid intensity. The viewer also experiences the intimacies of a woman's self pleasuring, including close-up visuals of her genitalia in orgasm, and stroking techniques that create a palpable rich banquet of sensation.


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Better Female Masturbation and a Better Sex Life  Daisy has a real grace, dignity, beauty and composure about her. Her energy is just so beautiful and you can just feel it....a woman could watch this and see that there is more out there. --Dr. Patti Taylor. In this DVD, Daisy gives her views on masturbation in conjunction with explicit demonstrations of the key elements and techniques she uses while masturbating. Masturbation is a way in which she deliberately sets aside time to enjoy her body, pleasure herself and bring the good feelings that she has created into all areas of her life.

As a sensuality student, I was introduced to Deliberate Orgasm. I had never deliberately retracted the hood of my clitoris and directly stroked the head of it up to that point. It was brand new to me and expanded my view of what was possible to experience in my body during orgasm. In the past, I would often masturbate to have a release to somehow get rid of the energy that I felt in my body. Now, I masturbate to keep feeling good and to stay connected to my sensuality.
Through masturbation, I learned things about my body that I have told my partner. This makes for stimulating conversations that have enhanced our sensual experiences and created greater intimacy between us.

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Deliberate Orgasm : Duet  Experience the ecstasy of her orgasm through the Deliberate Orgasm technique. This unique technique allows the possibility to create a better orgasm than she can give herself. Through the Deliberate Orgasm technique, extended orgasm is available with unlimited potential. This two DVD set includes live demonstrations of a man producing intense continuous orgasm in a woman's body, illustrating the Deliberate Orgasm technique and the Peaking technique. These are explicit educational videos, featuring close-up shots of a woman's genitals during orgasm.

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Female Masturbation   Sex expert , Dr. Michael Perry, reveals the techniques that women can use to arouse themselves and learn to be fully orgasmic. Watch as professional sex actresses demonstrate the techniques that they use to give themselves pleasure and earth shattering climaxes. Each woman has her own special techniques to touch herself in just the right way to unlock that incredibly awesome sexual power she possesses. See what women who have a high capacity for sex say to other women who also want more and stronger orgasms. Women who learn how to reach a solo climax can become more easily orgasmic with their lovers.

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