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Tantric Massage

Very useful tutorial of sensual / tantric style massage. The narration by Dr. Ava Cadell is finely detailed. Both male and female are given massages by gender counterparts (male to female; female to male). Detailed Tantric massage, lingam massage and yoni massage. Highly recommended.


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Sensual Couples Massage : Pleasure your woman  Sensual massage is a wonderful way for lovers to explore and enhance their relationship, both on physical and emotional levels. It can be used for simple relaxation, or as a prelude to more erotic endeavors! You can use our instructional video to learn how to create a totally satisfying pleasure experience.  Pleasure the senses through the art of massage. Learn how to give pleasure with your hands. No other special ability is needed. A quiet atmosphere and a bottle of your favorite scented oil plus a desire to please your partner is all that is required to spread pleasure over every inch of the body. Couples Sensual Massage offers a complete comprehensive body massage. It also offers suggestions on health, relaxation, sensuality and pleasure.


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Ultimate Sexual Massage  From the Alexander Institute Loving Sex series, ranked Best by Men's Health Magazine. This program begins where other massage programs leave off. Follow Tina and Al as they learn from a more experienced couple how to attain new heights of sensual and sexual pleasure. Master erotic massage techniques that will improve intimacy in your relationship. Locate and stimulate the G-spot, and completely awaken all the senses. This program is the best step-by-step guide to women s and men s full body and genital massage. Features optional Spanish, French and German audio and menus. -Find new erogenous zones -Locate and stimulate the G-spot.


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The Art of Sensual Massage  This Book/DVD combination makes learning massage fun and nearly effortless. Perfect for the holidays or Valentines Day, it's the ideal romantic gift.  The Art of Sensual Massage is beloved by generations of massage students. Employing proven, easy-to-learn techniques, the book takes you every step of the way through a delicious full body massage.

The DVD, based on The Art of Sensual Massage, this video follows the superb massage in the book stroke-by-stroke. Read about a massage movement, then watch it come to life on your tv or computer. See a whole body massage, with rhythms and pressures clearly shown, unfold step-by-step. Winner of 6 awards at international film festivals.

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The Sensual Massage Kit : massage for men and women  Is the perfect gift for couples who just want to have fun. This video set will teach you how to transform your current technique into a guaranteed pleasurable experience each and every time. This two video set shows just how to set the right atmosphere and conduct the perfect massage for intimate pleasure. Learn the tips and tricks on how to touch someone in a way that makes them feel special and feel relaxed making way for the ultimate sensual experience.

The largest sense organ on the human body is the skin. Learn how to touch someone like they’ve never been touched before. Learn how to take advantage of commonly overlooked areas to provide the maximum pleasure.

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