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Angel's Pleasure Principles: The Ultimate Art of Fellatio, Vol. 1  Sex is an important part of every relationship. The Pleasure Principles acknowledges this face and provides you with a physical road-map to places the two of you never knew existed. You will learn how to transport yourselves to sexual situations where passion and physical pleasure collide with the love the two of you have for each other. The explosive result is that the two of you will build a stronger connection and a deeper understanding of each of your sexual wants and needs. The combination of passion, power, and great sex, will cultivate your relationship in ways you never dreamed possible. The Pleasure Principles Vol. 1: The Ultimate Art of Fellatio is one of the first steps on this journey to completeness and wholeness within a relationship of two loving individuals. Dr. Rachael, drrachael.com

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The Complete Guide to Oral Lovemaking  The sensual handbook of over fifty easy-to-learn oral sex techniques that lovers can use to create exciting new pleasures for better orgasms. With the artful practice of cunnilingus and fellatio, couples can escalate their mutual arousal to unimagined levels of sexual ecstasy. And for a woman, a man s lingual caresses can be an important prelude to her climax. And for a man, the delicate play of a lover s lips can increase the vitality of his erection and lead to an intense full release orgasm. Fully-indexed and highlighted by fact-filled narration, this enlightening program can teach lovers from foreplay to climax the fine art of oral lovemaking.

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