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Annie Sprinkle Ph.D. is a sex worker turned sexologist and artist. She has researched and explored sex for 35 years. She shares what she learns through films, photographs, theater, and workshops. Annie has authored several books, including Dr. Sprinkle's "Spectacular Sex - Make Over Your Love Life".  


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Orgasmic Women 

Thirteen authentic-looking women (all sizes, colors, shapes, ages) get into various states of undress and tell the truth about masturbation. These brave women demonstrate in full close-up detail how they get off when they're alone. Betty Dodson is a delight to listen to, but it's the anonymous first-name-only women who carry this so well, with their stories and their huge variety of ways that they pleasure themselves.

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Liquid Love : The G-Spot Explosion  This film deconstructs the traditional rubric within which female sexuality is mostly conceived; forging a new framework for understanding the female orgasm. The film lays to rest the "myth" of female ejaculation and the g-spot - an exquisite preserve of mystery and wonder. With unbridled audacity, the women of LIQUID LOVE celebrate the symphony of desire, abandon and rapture as they gush forth their "primal liquid gold." Complete with expert analysis from Dr. Carol Queen of Good Vibrations, and Deborah Sundahl, g-spot expert; and ravishing tales of explosive orgasms by the ejaculating women on the film, this presentation weaves a rich tapestry of sizzling eroticism, intellect and explosive female ejaculations; yielding an evocative and rare motion picture.

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Maximum Orgasm: The Man's Guide to Tantric Pleasure The ancient texts of Tantric sexuality teach a man that learning to embrace his own pleasure, through self-love, is the first step towards sharing physical and spiritual intimacy with another. The Tantrics believed that the sexual energy within men was the Kundalini or The Serpent Power. This remarkable program teaches men how to unlock the natural sexual energy within them and how to reach the highest plateaus of prolonged orgasmic pleasure. Explore Chakras, the unseen energy points of the body and how the Tantrics believed that prostate stimulation energized the 'root' chakra and was a significant source of pleasure for men. Also, relearn how to breathe as naturally as a child and how to focus on your passive and aggressive energies. Discover how to experience the intense feelings of orgasm over and over again prior to ejaculation. Learning to control the reservoir of your sexual energy through self-love is the essence of The Tantric Man.

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The lover's guide to extended orgasm 

Every couple can extend their pleasure with the clinically-tested techniques developed by Dr. Jean-Yves Desjardins. Learn how to maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes or more before climax. Includes techniques about breathing, body position and how to control the desired moment of orgasm.


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The Art of Orgasm for Men and Women (The multi-orgasmic couple)  This explicit two-DVD program on sexual pleasure for men and women is based on Margot Anand's book, The Art of Sexual Magic and on her Multi-Orgasmic Response Ecstasy (MORE) training workshops. SkyDancing Tantra teachers Kosha Deva and Sohini Genevieve offer step-by-step demonstrations of the methods used to attain the highest possible levels of sexual pleasure, deepening their intimate connection. The programs demonstrate detailed techniques for achieving easy and effective communication during lovemaking, ejaculation mastery for men, and deepening orgasmic pleasure for women. You will learn profound ways of connecting Heart and Sex to open the doors to deep intimacy.

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