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Love and Intimacy, The Tantric Way  Is an amalgamation of Tantric Sex practice and popular Kamasutra sexual positions put together for the enjoyment and education of couples. Its universal concept and message is unique and has the ability to bring couples closer in their relationship. Tantra is a spiritual art form that aligns your mind, body and soul. The result is a mind and soul enriching experience that binds couples together. The objective of the practice is to bring about peace, love and harmony in your relationship through pleasurable tantric sex activity. For the first time, this video is produced and presented by Asian artistes to bring about the mystique nature of the culture and its practices.

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Tantra : Journey from Orgasm to Ecstacy    A native of France, Margot Anand has had extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, Hindu and Buddhist Tantra (having studied with several spiritual masters including the great mystic Osho in India), bioenergetics, massage, meditation, Arica and Integral Yoga. Over the past two decades, Margot has developed and taught a method of healing and enhancing sexuality to its ultimate potential: Ecstasy.

Since time immemorial, the ancient practices of Tantra have taught initiates how to access transcendental states of consciousness through sexual practices involved in this Yoga of Love. Margot presents some of these practices and the tantra map that can transform lust into bliss.

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Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving    For over 20 years, Charles and Caroline have taught a unique modern approach to this ancient art form. They are also authors of TANTRA: The Art of Conscious Loving. This program teaches a uniquely modern approach to the ancient art form of Tantra, translating it for today's 21st century needs. The Muirs create a safe, supportive and loving environment for the study of Tantra Yoga, through the use of insight, gentleness, humor and love. The goal is to provide a fresh approach to sex and sexual love, bringing more spirit, intimacy and ecstasy into your love life. The learning objective is to master the secret to longer and deeper orgasms, and a solution to the common problem of short-circuiting clitoral orgasms, the three primary areas of study in Tantra (techniques to increase pleasure and energetic flow, to increase intimacy, and techniques of meditation, to quiet the busy thinking side of the left brain, activate the feeling side of the right brain and use them both in powerful ways,) and learn The Art of Touch - how to give and receive touch to awaken.

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The Tantric Guide to Better Sex  By the renowned Margot Anand. Beyond intercourse, beyond intimacy lies the world of Tantric sex. Ancient philosophers believed sexual energy was one of the greatest forces of humankind. In just 60 minutes the viewer will learn to harness this sexual energy to increase their lovemaking potential. Attractive couples demonstrate the techniques that take orgasm out of the genitals and into the five senses for a long-lasting, full-body experience. Breathing, massage, and romantic ambiance enhance pleasure. Movement, erotic positions, and relaxation expand sexual awareness. The viewer will learn to prolong his or her orgasm, finally merging with their partner in a state of sexual ecstasy.

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Loving Sex: Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets   A Loving Guide to Sexual Ecstasy. From the Alexander Institute Loving Sex series, ranked Best by Men's Health Magazine. Discover the Tantric Erogenous Zones and the secrets of Tantric lovemaking. Learn how to stimulate your lover in new and exciting ways, mutually orchestrate arousal, and reach higher and higher states of ecstasy. This simple yet ancient system really works.

It is a powerful way to enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy. Watch attractive real couples explicitly practicing these techniques. Once mastered, knowledge of the Tantric Erogenous Zones can be incorporated into any form of lovemaking. -Key Concepts in Tantric Lovemaking -Primary Erogenous Zones -Secondary Erogenous Zones -Tertiary Erogenous Zones -Putting the Practice Together -Positions for Tantric Lovemaking.

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Maximum Orgasm: The Man's Guide to Tantric Pleasure The ancient texts of Tantric sexuality teach a man that learning to embrace his own pleasure, through self-love, is the first step towards sharing physical and spiritual intimacy with another. The Tantrics believed that the sexual energy within men was the Kundalini or The Serpent Power. This remarkable program teaches men how to unlock the natural sexual energy within them and how to reach the highest plateaus of prolonged orgasmic pleasure. Explore Chakras, the unseen energy points of the body and how the Tantrics believed that prostate stimulation energized the 'root' chakra and was a significant source of pleasure for men. Also, relearn how to breathe as naturally as a child and how to focus on your passive and aggressive energies. Discover how to experience the intense feelings of orgasm over and over again prior to ejaculation. Learning to control the reservoir of your sexual energy through self-love is the essence of The Tantric Man.

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