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It's important to note that massage spas are overwhelmingly not "full service". Despite the fact that anything may be possible under certain circumstances, it is not recommended to pursue an experience beyond the realm of therapeutic / sensual massage. The spa's masseuse may be competent in performing both types of  massage.  However the likelihood of receiving the technically more challenging therapeutic massage is always a certainty.

Bearing in mind that the majority of massage spas tend to be quite busy with customer traffic flow, this active client activity often results in a less then calm or serene atmosphere. Even within the massage cubicle walls are thin and the door may be left somewhat ajar. Sound intrusion from various sources often disturbs or even breaks the mood of a fine massage. It would wise, if at all possible, to consider and plan a spa visit during less busy hours.

Generally upon entering the spa you will be asked if this is your first visit and whether or not you've had a massage before. Payment will usually be requested in advance ($50. to $80.-) for one hour. The fee often includes a table shower and body scrub, sauna and the massage itself. Tips for the masseuse are important. The client should be aware that most masseuses share only a small percentage of the spa entry fee. Some masseuses work strictly for tips. Like any other service you may tip more or less depending on the level of quality, competence and enthusiasm. If the massage was satisfactory the minimum tip should be $40.- for a one hour service.

To begin with you will either be escorted to a locker/changing room or directly to the massage cubicle / room. Even though you may not receive explicit verbal instructions, it is expected that you fully disrobe and don the bathrobe and slippers which have been provided (if you are planning on receiving a shower).  If you are not planning to shower simply disrobe and wait for the masseuse to return. Although you may feel a somewhat awkward to have stripped down naked, while anticipating the return of the "fully dressed" masseuse, this is expected and customary.

The table shower

Usually the table shower is located in a fully tiled and well drained bath area. Just as the name implies you will be washed while laying on a cushioned table. The masseuse will first take your robe, before motioning that you lay face down on the table. The masseuse will be fully dressed and have slipped on a pair of knee high rubber gardening boots. Unfortunately the effect of the outfit is not particularly sensual. You will be rinsed repeatedly with very warm water, lathered in soap from neck to toe, and scrubbed with sandy grit (if you are to receive a body scrub). The procedure will be repeated (after you are asked to turn over) facing up. Following a final rinse you will helped off the table and carefully and thoroughly dried. The shower is considered a portion of the one hour massage session.

The full body massage

Upon returning to the massage cubicle you will again be helped out of your robe and you will be asked to lay face down on the massage table. Your face buried in the circular cutout at the end of the table.

The masseuse will ask what "how you would like your massage". If you desire a therapeutic massage, "medium" or "heavy" would be the correct response. If you rather prefer a sensual massage, the appropriate reply is "soft" or "light".  You may also request an oil massage, which should be desirable in comparison to a dry massage, particularly in the event that the masseuse has a heavy hand.

Every massage begins with the back or shoulders, regardless of the style. If the massage is therapeutic 75  to 90 % of the time may be allocated to the back of the neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. It is very much a "back massage", as opposed to the sensual massage which is more balanced.

There is a good deal of variation as to when you will be wrapped in a hot towel. The timing will vary with the custom of the masseuse. Most likely, hot towels may be applied after the back massage signaling the end of the back massage. It's also possible for hot towels to be applied at the very end of the massage.

Warmth & friendliness

Customer treatment sometimes tends to be a bit brusque initially. This somewhat reserved or even cool attitude will vary widely from salon to salon. If the initial experience has at least above average merit, a repeat visit will greatly enhance the relationship and friendliness one can expect from the spa during future visits.