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My work is about allowing the space for you to open deeper into what you already are. It is about allowing pleasure to be that vehicle that takes you to the beyond, thru the body to the spirit, to the essence that is bliss. I am a certified Tantric Healer and Ecstatic Dancer, trained in yoga and meditation,  and I spend a good part of my year living in tune with nature and building my own inner temple. I am constantly learning  more about the tantric arts and the art of healing sensually and spiritually. I want you to receive the best that this work has to offer, to leave our time together feeling more in love and inspired by life. In our time together, my hands will guide you deeper into your own flesh, into the breath and the space between breaths, into the realms of the heart and of deep feeling. What inspires me is when you are inspired, when I see that you have touched a deep place of not only physical pleasure, but true pleasure of the soul.

I can incorporate yoga instruction into any session, I can offer you counseling for matters in your life that you may not have shared with anyone. You can expect that after a session with me you will be able to hold more life force in your body, your stress and tension will be significantly melted, and your heart will be more free to let life touch you. Our time together will be mostly a body work session, and I do work with you on breathing, basic tantric technique and meditation, and learning how to move energy throughout the whole body. I like to take you on a journey, out of your routine and into that deep space of pleasure beyond the mind....

If there is a particular issue you would like to address, I am happy to tailor a session based on your needs. You will find my presence nourishing, non-judgmental and deeply compassionate, as well as sensual and affectionate. I love what I do and I love to work with people who truly honor and respect the feminine gifts and who are truly wanting to dive deeper into this path to receive its blessings.

Because this style of work is about slowing down and taking time to enjoy, my sessions are typically 2 hours. I also offer 90 minutes and on the rare occasion a 60 minute session is available. I work in  a clean, tasteful private apartment with high quality linens, oils and beautiful healing music. I eat healthy, do lots of yoga and dancing, meditate regularly, and take care of my physical self aesthetically. I am college educated, articulate, down to earth, and a happy, healthy person who enjoys life and loves to share that joy with others.

I work near Union Square and visit NYC quite frequently. As a good part of my year is spent in natural settings studying healing and art. My hours are Monday-Sunday....10am-11pm....(last start time)

I love to work with couples and I absolutely love to work with goddess sisters to offer you a doubles session. Please ask me for more information about this.

If you desire an appointment, please allow at least 24 hours notice and expect that we will have a conversation of at least 10 minutes. On occasion I do take the last minute appointment, but because I value being well prepared for our time together I encourage you to book in advance. I will also need proof of who you are, either a referral from another goddess, or a discreet call to a receptionist at your place of employment to verify you. If you desire more time to get to know each other before booking an appointment, I am happy to meet with you for a 30-60 minute meeting for tea. If I feel you would be better served by another goddess, I do make referrals to insure that you meet with the right practitioner for your needs.

Many blessings to you on this path... and much pleasure and love. Please write to me at: luvfire13@gmail.com   or call me : 212-365-8981

My Session Donations are as follows.

"Just Tea" to meet and greet

  • $100 / 30 minutes
  • $150 / 60 minutes


  • $450 / 90 minutes
  • $550 / 2 hours
  • Longer sessions may be discussed.


  • May be discussed.


  • $400 / 90 minutes
  • $500 / 2 hours
  • Longer sessions may be discussed.

Double Goddess Bliss (Four feminine hands)

  • $500 / hour
  • $650 / 90 minutes
  • $750 / 2 hours
  • Longer sessions to be discussed.

Double Sessions with Goddess and God (Me and male partner)

  • $500 / hour
  • $650 / 90 minutes
  • $750 / 2 hours
  • Longer sessions may be discussed.