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Electric "vibrators" may be hazardous to your love life. It may have never dawned on those who regularly make use of this neat little mechanical device that battery powered vibrations may make it difficult to achieve orgasm in other ways.

The vibrator is a perfect match for the clitoris, as densely packed nerve endings come into contact with high speed multiple vibrations. Clearly the human hand or tongue cannot match this superbly efficient mechanical effect.

While it may already be frustrating to match the pleasure that their lover might achieve from ordinary forms of masturbation, keeping up with a high tech vibrator is simply not a reasonable assignment. Itís something like a bicycle competing with an automobile.

Itís not unreasonable to suggest that similar to cigarettes or other addictive drugs, vibrators should display cautionary label, warning buyers of potential side effects.

Although physiological as well as psychological stimulation are needed to achieve orgasm, vibrators tend to overload the physical sensory element.

The appeal of vibrators is easy to understand, in that it affords a women the ability to train an almost pinpoint power-stream onto the head of the clitoris. Furthermore, she can do this while lying virtually motionless. In this state she is more easily able to fantasize without the distraction of stimulating her clitoris.

Those who make extensive use of vibrators should be aware that self-pleasuring in this manner might create permanent, even irresolvable problems. Of course the point is not to suggest that the vibrator is inherently unsafe, but simply too proficient in it's effect.